I have seen several TIDs on this, but I am concerned about a few things. We are a small school district and we have everything installed on one box: POA, MTA, GWIA, WEBACC/DOCVIEW and Apache Tomcat. We moved the entire server recently to VMWARE ESX and it is experiencing high utilization with the POA loaded. Once the poa is shut down, the utilization drops to normal range. What I want to do is move the MTA/POA off to another virtual server. The tids make this sound easy and I have moved the entire GroupWise before, but what I am wondering about is if I move the domain and post office to the new server, will GWIA and WEBACC need any of those files in from the domain directory now that it has moved to another server with the MTA ? Are there any other things to consider ?

Thanks for any help.

Dan Krajewski, NPSD.