I have a very small - but growing number of windows 7 machines. Most of
them are 64 bit systems, but I do have one 32 bit system.

I have had no real problems installing the agent - so far i have done this
manually on each machine, and the systems have registered with the zone

However the ability to click on the workstation object and and move to its
properties page is at best a little flakey. I am finding that I can click
on the 32 bit machine an move to its property page just fine. However, the
64 bit machines seem to work only for the most recently registered system.
I was working with two machines today and registered one ( machine-a) then
went into the console, clicked on the machine under devices and moved to its
propeerties page. I then registered the second machine (machine b) and
likewise was able to open its proerties page in the console. However
clicking on the machine-a object brought me to a "The page isn't
redirecting properly" error page in Mozilla. In IE8 after clicking on the
workstations' link the progress bar slowly fills, then simply hangs, never
transfering to the property page. I then unregisterd and re-registered
machine-a and guess what - Now i could get to the proerty page of machine-a
but machine-b no longer worked.

I am running Zenworks Configuration Management ZCM version,
ZAM Version, and ZPM on SLES 11 SP2.

Anybody else seeing this or have any idea what might be going on?