So, here's what I've done. I have Groupwise for most of my users; to have
it integrate with Exchange I use an IMAP program that connects to GW and
then deposits the GW email into a mailbox by the same name on the Exchange
server. Works pretty good.

Every once in a while, I'll see an email sent to us (on the Outlook/Exchange
side), where the users display name joins first and last
Bobsmith instead of Bob Smith. Would that indicate some IMAP bug?

And if want to you claim that this is support.....substitute Zimbra for
Groupwise....problem solved!

(Okay...all kidding aside....this has nothing to do with GW, unless someone
says...Groupwise has a known flaw in which case, please do not
answer that).

I'm only asking about the way the protocol works, and where that error would
most likely have occured.