We have recently upgraded from Groupwise 7 to 8.01.
We have experienced a few problems, and hope that 8.01 hp1 will fix most of these issues.

I am, however, a bit puzzled over the dates of some files.

The dates of the following files in 8.01 are all 25/08/2009 - gwpoa.nlm, gwmta.nlm, gwenn5.nlm, gwpo.dc, ngwguard.dc, wphost.dc

In the 8.01 hp1, however, the agent NLM's are 7/1/2010 - ok
but gwpo.dc is dated 7/4/08, ngwguard.dc is dated 24/7/09, wphost.dc is dated 6/7/05 ! Doesn't look right to me.

OS = Netware 6.5 sp8

Any ideas please ... Robert