I have the following problem:


Standalone Windows 2008(64)server with ZCM Standard installed.
Novell NDS Network
Windows AD Network
Windows 7 Enterprise workstation

1. The user logs into the workstation by typing his credentials in the
Novell Client (2 SP1 for Win 7) and logs into the NDS network

2. The user logs automaticly into the AD network

3. The ZCM adaptive client pops not up, assuming that the login to ZCM
is sucsessfull.

4. When I look into the ZCM Adaptive client is shows by "Logged in As"
Not Logged in.

5. When I do a manual login to the ZCM adaptive client (after
sucsessfull login to NDS and AD) with the same credentials it works and
it showed xxx.local/img

Why the ZCM adaptive client does not take the crendentials automaticly?

I followed TID: 3009612 and by point 2
"2) Ensure HKLM\Software\Novell\NWGINA\passivemode does not equal 0.
This will instruct ZCM to not authenticate. Delete the value or set it
to "1" to enable authentication."

I do not have that registerykey.