I have an incredibly weird thing going on with an OES server that has caused no issues. We are trying to start running "Tyoe to Learn" on our school network. When logged in as adminstrator or teacher, it runs fine. When logging in as a student it will run only when a change is made to the login script. I can take a student and add them to administrators, and they will run the program once and then I have to make a change to the login script. The change does not have anyy effect. I will add an "A" to a new line and the program will run -- but it runs only once. The next time I delete the "A" line, and it will once again run the program one time only. It does not matter if the student is running the student, administrator or teacher login script --- they can only run it one time until I change the script. This is obviously an issue because to run multiple instances, all students must have individual login scripts that were not urn the last time they logged in.

I have looked at rights issues with scripts and such. I have looked at file attributes. I have looked at many things over the course of two days, only to learn the only way I can make this run is to change the login script. I even brought in a backup form last spring that we know was working and it is doing the same thing. So I am looking for ideas. What could be causing my issue in only one application.

Thanks, David