I have a simple campus setup where BM3.8 is the router. I have enabled
directed broadcast forwarding on the BM router. I have multiple internal
networks bound to the private interface (ie. networks 15, 16, 17 & 18).
There is a ZfD server on network 16 with WOL service running. The problem
is that I cannot get the WOL service to remote wakeup workstations located
on network 18. When I do a SET TCP IP DEBUG = 0 on the BM server, I see
the error "Discard Incoming: cause(FILTERING), reason(5)". The dump also
tells me source is UDP3666 (my ZfD server) and destination is UDP1765 (directed broadcast to my workstations). I cannot
seem to create a filter exception for this. I've tried everything. Is it
possible? If so, how?

Any and all comments greatly appreciated. Thx,