I have been using ifolder for a year more or less and I am delighted with it. It is what I and my workmates always wanted.

We have always been using ifolder with Windows clients, and it has always worked perfectly. However, some weeks ago we bought a Macbook Pro with Mac OS 10.6.2. And due to we had the ifolder client for Mac, we thought that it will work fine. But, now we are having some problems with it.
The most important one is that when the client for mac begin to download the files from the server (for the first time) it download everything well but then it begin to detect changes not made in some files and to delete them from the server. Afterwards, the ifolder client begin to upload some of the changed files to the server but others are completely erased from the server and from the PC.

This only happens the first time that ifolder synchronize, but we can not lose our files.

Anyone knows how to solve this problem.