We are running Netware 6.5.2 and BorderManager 3.8. We are installing a
new GIS program and the company needs VNC access for support. We are
using DHCP and dynamic IP addresses. I am trying to set up a filter
exception to allow VNC access to our desktops without having to assign IP
addresses or bypass the firewall. I have tried everything I can think of
to set this filter exception up with no luck. I can ping the far site,
but I can't VNC to the site. I can VNC from my W2k3 server that has a
public IP address, but not from my workstation.
The filter exceptions I have set up right now are:
Src Interface: Private
Dest. Interface: Public
Protocol: TCP
Src. Port: 5900-5909
Dest. Port: 1024-65535
Src. Add: Any
Dest. Add: Any

And 2.)
Src Interface: Public
Dest. Interface: Private
Protocol: TCP
Src. Port: 1024-65535
Dest. Port: 5900-5909
Src. Add: Any
Src. Add: Any

I've tried it as the above, I've tried it with ACK Bit filtering enabled
on the #1. exception. Neither one will work.

Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated. I've been working on
this for several days now. Thank you!