I seem to have a little gremlin with my BM3.8 install, where certain
points will work and then stop working, but not all the ports. This is
running on a NW6.5 SP3 server and I have setup an outbound and inbound
stateful filter with no ip address restriction on the destination. POP3
and SMTP seems to be the ones that will stop working the most. The email
server is not on the network it is off the network at the main site and
they use POP3 to get email and SMTP to send email. But I have even tried
other Mail servers to see if the problem was that mail server and I cannot
connect to any other mail server. The problem happens with really no
reason and sometimes will come back on its own, but typically not soon
enough where I have to reboot the server to get it running again.

Any advise is appreciated and thanks in advance...