I recently migrated a BM server to NW6.5. After reinstalling BM38, I got
the old filters.cfg from the old machine, globally replaced the board
name. I deleted all existing objects from the NBMRuleCOntainer. I then
ran DSREPAIR to no errors and then unloaded FILTSRV and ran FILTSRV MIGRATE.

I get 6001 errors on every rule. From previous discussions, it seems
nobody is sure why this is, but one thing is sure: if I have deleted all
filters, there are none to duplicate.

And in the end, the imported filters don't work.

Is there a fix for this? Do filters work differently in NW6.5? I am
using the exact same filters that worked before on NW6 (with global
changes on the boards: and I've checked that the names are correct) so
how come they don't work now?

I really need some help on this. I suppose I could anter then all
manually, but I've also used migrate before and there has been no issue.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Ken McLeod
The Delphian School