One of our clients has set up their FTP site to only use active connections.
Since doing so, the only computer on our network that can access their FTP
site and see the files on it is mine. All other workstations at our office
can connect but cannot open a data connection to see the files posted on the
FTP site. All other FTP sites we access seem to work fine on all

Do I need to make an additional filter exception so that all workstations
can receive data from this FTP site?

The only filter exceptions I have for my computer that the other
workstations don't have are a couple for VNC connections, so I'm having a
heck of a time figuring out if this is a BorderManager issue or a
workstation issue.

The filter exception currently configured for FTP is the system exception:
BorderManager 3.7
Netware Small Business 6.5
Workstations - Windows 2000 & XP

Thanks ahead for any suggestions.