Performing a scripted install of NW6.5.8.

When the installer goes through and successfully installs the server into the existing tree.

Then when it goes to create the LDAP objects it displays the following error;
LDAP Configuration Error

The LDAP Configuration failed with error novell.jclient.JCException:resolve -601 ERR_NO_SUCH_ENTRY. The LDAP Server SSL configuration will need to be completed manually with ConsoleOne. Please refer....


I then have to go and point the LDAP objects at the server's SSL certificates.

I note that the SSL certificate objects DO NOT EXIST at this point of the installation - these are successfully created in the next step, when it installs the Certificate Server product. I believe the non-scripted install does this in the same order though, so I am mystified why the difference...

The only bit of the response file that I can see affects it is below - but I never get that prompt...


Anyone else seeing this and any ideas on resolving the problem ???