I've recently run the 10.2.2 update on my ZCM system and while the update was in progress, I had also created several new machines by image. I had initially had an issue where all of my new machines were not appearing in ZCC as I missed the steps to reset the GUID, but in my trial and error in trying to figure out what I had done, I had uninstalled/unregistered the 10.2.1 agent and manually installed the 10.2.2 agent.

Now that I have the GUIDs fixed, three of the machines that were deployed while the upgrade was in progress are sitting with a "Update Assigned" status, even though they already have the same Zen Agent version as the rest of my systems installed,

How can I get the ZCC to recognize that these workstations have the correct version of the agent installed so that the deployment job will finally complete successfully?