Congratulations indeed! It was getting to the point that getting
access to my licenses was going to be about as lucky as me winning the

One or two weeks shy of 2 months without being able to access all of my
licenses (a month without access to ANY of my licenses). Hours spent
on the phone being bounced between departments, emails ignored and
general unhelpness. No-one wanting to take ownership of issues.

You'd think with the complete mess that Microsoft made of the migration
that they would at least verify that {old system license count} == {new
system license count}, but no. You'd think that the people at the
MVLSC would be able to look at the old system to verify that hey, the
20 or so agreements you previously had didn't actually migrate and wow,
yeah, you should have them.

And why on earth is the MS Licensing center down so frequently, even
before they migrated I would frequently hit them during 'scheduled'

<mutter> <mutter> <mutter>...