At the moment we are struggling with Bordermanager not handling a wide range of sites. After some testing most problems seem to come down to the TCPIP stack version and different SET params (Nagle/DACK).

We run BM39SP2IR1 now and de TCPIP version from SP8. We use HTTP ptoxy only with some Filters and Access rules on the fastest HPG6 server with dedicated cache controller/disks.

The IR1 readme states there should be a new TCPIP version available. I cannot find the download for this file. Anyone?

How do you handle ''problem" sites? This is our short-list:
- Citrix/terminal server is slow with TCP6.8x. Fastest (and only workable version is TCP6.57)
- Sites with upload options don't work/are slow (Viadesk for example)
- Redirects within sites result in 504-errors
- NTLM site authentication

Above problems are easily solved by using a SQUID proxy directly or SQUID via CERN.