When i look at snapins thru consoleone i can see that Zenwork 7.0.1 snapin is installaed.
I have Novell Client 4.91 SP5 and Zenwork Client installed on the clients running WinXP Pro SP3.

There is different of failures that happens..

Senario 1:
I install a Latitude D610 with a WinXP Pro SP3 original CD, from scratch. I only install the drivers for the LAN-card to get access to the network. I do not update windows updates etc.
I install the Novell Client 4.91 SP5, after that i install Zenwork Client And apply some registry settings to make the novell client to use the "tab-function" and hide advanced settings etc..

I have my eDir user "ADMIN1" with the policy package with settings to Dynamic Local User set to create a local user with name Admin, but im not using volatile user. So the local windows user Admin will be saved when logged out.

I login once with my Admin1 user, it creates the local profile Admin from Default User (with the help of Zenworks, and the policy Dynamic Local User?). I restart the computer and login again, and the local profile Admin craches and create a new one from Default User but this local user profile is namned Admin.Computername.

Ive tested this with atleast four other computers (different hardware) so it cant be a driver issue.
Ive looked thru the local logs, and i cant find anything about any problem with reading the NTUSER.DAT as could be a problem to load the local profile.

I even tested this senario when i update all windows updates etc, with two different version of the zenworks client and so on. ive been testning this for like 100 times now atleast. and same failure is happening. Ive even tested this in a virtual environment (vmware workstation).

Senari 2:
Like the problem descried above, in some cases it loss the connection or something with the zenwork server side and the zenwork client on the client computer... Since it does not attempt to use the settings from Dynamic Local User, becuase i got the windows login window, and i have to login to an already existing windows local account (with otherwords i cant login to the Admin-profile since i dont know the login information to this account since its created by zenworks / dynamic local user settings, and from the settings there you cant set a password, just the name and role of the windows accout that should be created)..
And after a while i try again, and then the settings from Dynamic Local User passes by and log into the, (let me say) Zenworks created local user profile (set by Dynamic Local User settings).

I wanna mention that all computers thats old, no reinstallation.. I can login to without problem, without any crashes of the Windows Local Profile.

Ive succeded once without any Windows Local profile crash, rebooted this computer over and over again, and no failure. If you succed twice, it seems like its fine. But then i reinstalled this computer, just like i did to make it success. But this time it failed on the second try, and got a crashed profile....

Its kinda old hardware to the server where i have my Zenworks, could that be the case? Could it be some timeouts?
The concults i use to fix some problems in our environment updated zenworks from the serverside just before christmans.. Could it be any problems with some windows patch etc?

Any help would be appreciated!

// Jokohanho