Just tried to deploy OES to a Atom/ION board, but SLES has problems with it's driver support - as follows

SLES 10.2 SATA driver YES, Network driver NO
SLES 10.3 SATA driver NO, Network driver YES
SLES 11.0 SATA driver YES, Network driver YES

As you can see the possible platform for a OES install is not currently possible due to driver support, anyone any ideas how to mix and match the drivers so that it can be done?

As to why, well hows does a dual core (with HT), 4GB ram and dual 320GByte drive server running at just 37W sound as a lower power system.

Also where could I find a list of device drivers that are included in the standard 10.3 distro as I have the ablity to add a LP PCI card if needed so I could add another SATA controller.