I have several oes2sp2 servers, which started life as oes2sp1 boxes - all successfully updated to sp2 at the end of december.

There appears to be this new 'uber patch' (oes2sp2-January-2010-Scheduled-Maintenance (6750)), but I am getting inconsistency when trying to list and apply it...

We have an internal smt server (both in test and production networks) and I am seeing the inconsistency in both environments....

rug lu -t patch

periodically shows it... If i redirect the output (which I do before I apply any patches)
uname -a > ruglu-2Feb10
rug lu -t patch >> ruglu-2Feb10

it never appears...

On the boxes in my test environment, the 'rug up -t patch' has actually applied 6750, but the first 3 of my production boxes haven't... I had to apply the ones listed (only 2 oes2sp2 - edir85sp3 and kerberos), reboot, refresh rug and then 'rug up -t patch' again (even though the patch will not list if I redirect the output i.e. rug lu -t patch >> ruglu-2Feb10-2)

This is a pain, as I have several more servers to patch and like to rexec the commands, etc. (using mooty!) - with such inconsistency I am having to do everything one by one and check every stage...!

Anybody else seeing any weirdness around this patch, or could it be a local issue with smt, etc.?
Any dependencies that could be causing these issue?