Well enough of the right people have complained to management that they
are contemplating spending money to replace guinevere...

What's everyone using. We're a GW shop but I can about guarantee that
won't be the case in the future, so it has to be platform independent.

Some of the ones that come to mind offhand are..

Cisco Ironport (30 day free trial and actually lists GroupWise as a

Barracuda (heard very mixed results on these)

Watchguard XCS (We already have fireboxes so this might be attractive)
There's also a spamblocker addon form our existing fireboxes, not sure
if anyone has any real world experience. Naturally all vendors claim
97-100% spam blocking ability.

CipherTrust IronMail


What are you guys using and are you happy with it?

Must do antispam/antivirus.

Must be easy for users to see what's been blocked and retrieve a blocked
message without IT intervention.