NW6.5 SP3 CPR rel
BM 3.8.4

We are attempting to allow users to FTP IN to a webserver. NAT is
configured (static & dynamic) binding the public IP to the internal address
of the box. No problems are experienced by either platform (MAC/PC) when
filters are down.

Once we activate the filters, troubles for only MAC users occur. The FTP
authentication is successfully on the MAC, however they cannot list/view
any files/directories. We have tried using Transmit, Contribute and the
Console FTP on the OS X v10.4 platform; all yield the same symptom. Both
passive and active connections have been attempted when it is available
within the respective FTP client with no success.

On a PC, with filters activated, no problems are experienced at all when
trying to FTP in.

Any suggestions are appreciated