Ok odd problem. I have already tried the Jan 2010 update to see if it
fixes, no go.

I'm imaging an HP Elitebook 8530w.. I've already done these without issue.

I select maintenance mode imaging and I get the Linux splash screen and
it sits there. If I hit escape to see the console it's got

Sending DHCP Request to eth0...

ctrl-alt-f3 shows scrolling errors of

err, eth0: ARPOP_REPLY received from (mac address here)

In my settings.txt I made the following change


Then I gave it a static ip with the hostip, netmask and gateway commands.

Not my preferred route but I'm on a deadline.

No effect. It's still sending dhcp server requests. I stopped and
started the imaging server as well.

Why is it still trying to do a dhcp request when I have -dhcp in there?