we've just installed ZCM10.2.0 on a fresh SLES10 SP3 with an external CA. Everything works fine but when we try to image a device we get an error (Novell-pbserv.log):

[ZENIMGWEB-CSCKT] Failed to connect to ZCM server zcm-test at port 443. Error code: 12. Certificate doesn't verify.

The FQDN of the server is

What we checked:
* DNS and rDNS works fine
* the external certificate uses the FQDN
* we added the short name and FQDN to server server via management console
* ZCM runs on the default ports 80 and 443

We've found out that imaging works on the same machine when installing ZCM with an internal CA.

I've searched this forum and found some posts with similar problems but no solution for me. Can anyone help me?

Thanks for the help,