I am supporting email for a company merger and I have an exchange 2003 system that I have successfully linked to a Groupwise 7 system. They now share a common SMTP postfix front end server, and I have setup postfix to route email to the proper system based on the user's SMTP address. All users in each system have an SMTP address for the other system, because senior management can't agree which email system to use going forward. So I have to support email addresses for all users on both systems.

My problem is when a message comes in to GWIA for an exchange user, it gets routed correctly, but it shows up in outlook with routing info for the GWIA gateway (example GW1.GWIA1."nobody@nowhere.com"). I want to strip the "GW1.GWIA1" off so that if the user replies, the message goes out the exchange SMTP gateway, and does not get routed through Groupwise.

Any info on how to do this?

Be nice to me, I am an Exchange engineer, not a Groupwise engineer. But I am learning FAST!

Clay Perrine