reviving old post,,

still have this issue, in all offices except the HQ, gwcheck works and
can be run through C1 "per user",etc...

but, in the HQ,, it simply doesn't happen.
exactly nothing happens, no error or anything, just no gwcheck.

there's 7 offices, each with it's own POA,
all servers/poa's are patched equally and same C1 patches
( but I've even tried starting c1 on a remote office towards HQ just
to check )

So, every office except hq, c1, maintenance, gwcheck = ok, and I get a
mail afterwards AND I can see through NRM when it's running.
In hq,, as stated,, nothing,,

HQ and another of the 7 offices are NW-Clusters,
so I've checked, doublechecked to verify that the way path's,etc are
done are the same between the working remote office and hq, stil

In HQ, I can start gwcheck through the standalone util, it's only
through C1 it wont start......and also tested by renaming the
ngwcheck.db (whatever) to no change.....

Any ideas ?