When we try to go to http://www.deutzamericas.com

there is no problem.

However when a laptop user comes into the office, and is running NCF (novell client firewall), the entire top 1/4 of the web page does not show up.

I have modified the firewall to:

allow all traffic to www.deutzamericas.com
trust the LAN (so all traffic to & from brdmgr should go unimpeded)

A protocol analysis is unremarkable. i.e. all traffic goes to & from the bm proxy on 8080 as you'd expect. It's just that in the case of the trace with NCF, there are less packets. Presumably the parts of the web page which don't resolve.

I am stumped. I'd welcome any suggestions.

p.s. I didn't see an NCF forum so this seemed like the best match.