I don't seem to able to setup a rule for GW WebAccess and Virt. Office.
Here's the setup. BM38 SP4. Proxy & Reverse Proxy (for GW WebXS and Virtual
Office). No access rules (yet). BM server has 1 Public and 1 Private adapter.
Public adapter has 2 secondary public ip's bound, and on the 1st secondary IP
I want WebXS. All services are OK. SMTP, Web browsing, POP3 (other mail
server) etc. But as soon as I enable the filters the all services (except
Skype -not interesting at this time) continue except WebXS.
If I unload IPFLT WebXS ia available. Should be simple huh?

I do a packetscan on both interfaces to show the trafficflow.
Without filters the packetflow (with or without BM started) can be followed
clearly. No problem. But when I load the filters (load ipflt) (with or
without BM started) I don't see anything else than the attempt from a
public host to start communicating (tcp syn) on port 80 of the 2nd IP
address of the BM server. No reply from the BM server to that same public
host on the 'from' IP port.

If followed Graig's rule in his chapter 'My 3.7 Server is driving me nuts
with custom filter exceptions' I allow all Outbound IP from Public IP
address and allow High Port return traffic to public IP address.
This is considered a severe security threat, but still nothing changes.

I also enabled the reverse proxy HTTP filter (consider with or without
WebXS is working!).

If followed every procedure in migrating filters (to sync eDir/iMgr),
reinitializing system, rebooting BM server, full sequencing UNLOAD IPFLT,
Nothing changes in this behaviour.

Without the filters WebXS flow is ok, with the filters WebXS is unreachable
on the 2nd Public IP address of this server.

Beat's me.

Who dares?

Best regards,

Jan de Vries