I originally started out using ZCM10 with the embedded Sybase DB. Later
on I thought I'd do the right thing and migrate to an external Sybase DB
as per the instructions. Now I have 3 primary servers pointing the
external Sybase DB. However ZCC performance appears to be slow when
compared to a fresh install of ZCM10 with an embedded DB. So I am
wondering if the embedded DB would have been a better option in terms of

When migrating between the two options the documentation says to set
"Embedded" to either "true" or "false" in the zdm.xml file. I wonder what
the relevance of that setting is? Does it mean something along the lines
of "access the DB files directly" for embedded=true and "access over a
TCP/IP link" for embedded=false?

The reason I ask is that the server that hosts the external Sybase DB
also has ZCM Primary server installed. Perhaps for this server if I
change "Embedded" to true I might see some performance improvement when
using ZCC on that server?

Does anyone have any insight into the meaning of the parameter "Embedded"
and what it means in terms of performance? If I really only need to
choose between connecting to and the IP address of the DB
server (for the instance of ZCM10 on the DB server itself) why would I
need to have an extra parameter, "Embedded")?