I am using bordermanager 3.7/sp2 on netware 6/sp5. I use proxy, ACL &
packet filtering. We used to have email with our ISP and smtp was on
port 25 which was allowed in the filters. We are now using a email
provider that uses smtp relay offering it over port 80 or 3535. I chose
port 80 and had to drop my filters to allow outgoing mail. One of the
reasons I chose port 80 was that a lot of our users are laptops that go
out to clients and I thought port 80 would more likely be accessible for
sending email then 3535 if any of them are using firewalls. I could
have been totally wrong with that assessment, but I did chose port 80.

Will opening up port 80 for smtp traffic open us up to other problems
such as spyware installs, etc? And the filter I set up, can it specify
only smtp traffic over port 80?

I could still use our ISP's smtp server, using its ip address, but I do
want the laptops to be able to use the smtp relay so they can send and
receive from wherever they are.

Thanks in advance for your help.