Has anyone had any reasonable level of success using Novell Client 2 SP1 for Windows 7? I have many new computers running Windows 7 Pro (32bit) trying to connect to a Netware 6.5 sp8 server, and simply have nothing but problems.

1. Users can't share/open the same office documents (word, excel) at the same time. Claims "Too many users."

2. Users cant' work in MS Access databases off the server at the same time at all (despite this supposedly being one if the bug fixes in Client 2 SP1.)

3. Constant problems with phantom file locks. Users open and work on a document on the Novell server, close out of it, but then can't open it back up later because Netware still thinks the original user still has it open. Old connections/file locks must be cleared on via Console Monitor

4. Frequent problems with opening/copying/moving files:
Take your pick:
a. Claims it can't even find the file.
b. Invalid file handle.
c. Access is denied, etc, etc.

I've played with plenty of settings but still getting no level of success/improvement (ie. disable file caching on the client, turn off UAC, etc)

Any suggestions?