I recently setup a new mail server with a different IP address than the old
box (216.81.A.B). I have BM3.8 running on a Netware 6 box with the latesst
service packs and teh old filers for the old server worked fine. I have
216.81.A.B Nat ed to a local Ip of and I have two SMTP filters
setup (from Craig's book) to point to and from that locl IP address. What
I seem to find stramge is that with the filters UPI can't send any mail but
I can receive mail. Also with the filters UP I can telnet to port 25 and
get a response. However as soon a s I unload IPFLT all my mail starts to
flow out. Is there something else that I need?? I can ping the address
fine, I can telnet fine, and I can receive mail fine but for whatever
reason I can't send. It really sounds like a filter problem but I can't
figure out what else is needed and I have deleted and re-configured the
filters a few times. I restarted the server and still no luck. If any one
can help I would really appreciated it. Thanks