1) Even tho' we have a small office (10 users) it would seem that some sort of cue technology is desirable on the network. Correct? We now have all printers defined as local using a direct IP connection as that was the Q&D way to get access after migrating from NW & NDPS. Direct IP connections probably increases the chance of one person's job getting inserted into the middle of someone else's big job. So we need iPrint, correct?

2) We set up 2 servers (one for email and the other for users files). Do I put iPrint on both so that it can be administered from either? If it should go on just one, does it matter which?

3) Where should the driver store and other things go? (may be moot point if iPrint goes on only one server)

4) What are some usual names for stores, print managers, etc?

5) Anything else to watch for or know about?