I'm working with ZDM 7 (ZDM7SP1IR4_HP1). I have the latest drivers from 1/19/10 copied my CD's and the 4 locations from the readme (tftp, tftp/boot, etc.) on NetWare 6.5 SP7 server.

My problem is that I cannot get the workstation to reboot and perform any imaging.

On pc reboot, it pulls an IP address from PDHCP correctly. Then "Auto-select: Zenworks boot", and then it shows the IP address of my ZIS server. Then I see "Action: Localboot"
"Zenworks shutting down"
"PXE Exiting Intel boot"
and then it boots into existing Windows without taking or placing my image, per what I've checked in the Workstation Object in C1.

BUT - if I hold down Ctrl-Alt during the PXE boot and select Start Zen Imaging, it downloads the initrd, etc. files and automatically starts taking/placing the image per the WS object settings in C1. If I boot to CD, I also get it to automatically take/place the image per the WS object settings in C1.

Arrgh!! I've spent 3 days on this. I've tried installing the latest HP2, then saw some forum messages about problems there so I reverted and reinstalled HP1. I've verified that all looks ok on the routers (I'm getting an IP address and it does work via PXE with Ctrl-Alt) so I don't think that's it.

I attached my log files - DTS.log, ZENPXE.log, and ZENIMGD.log, zipped. I see some issues, but don't know how to fix them, or if they're even relevant.

Is there anything else to try? I don't want to walk around holding down Ctrl-Alt on boot for all these machines.