If I go to pending updates, PC1234 shows pending.

If I click on PC1234, it shows on 10.2.2. It has rebooted numerous times. Since it was updated. I have tried zac cc zac ref but nothing. The client is communicating with the ZCM, as the ZCM reflects that and ZCM shows it's at 10.2.2.

600+ PC's have 10.2.2. There are 32 that have 10.2.2, but the update still shows update assigned.

In the past, removing the deployment to all devices and then re-assigning it, waiting a few hours, the status would switch on ZCM that these devices are patched to 10.2.2. That didn't work on these 32.

zac reg shows fine. No obvious log errors. zac bl shows the proper list. zac ref works. They have 10.2.2, they have been rebooted numerous times since the upgrade.

What else can I try to get these PC's to show patched?