We are tring to distribute an install file in the night when staff are not using the PCs. Using three bundles, one to wake the PC up, one to do the install and one to shut the PC down, these all have a Distribution schedule at the same time and different Launch schedules. This all works fine when assigned to just one PC. The problem however is when i assign these bundles to a workstation group and then add say 5 PCs to the group, only one PC is Waking on LAN, the others don't do anything. Looking at the logs under each bundle the 4 remaining PCs are Pending but nothing has been distributed. Is it not possable to use Wake-on LAN assigned to workstation groups? Would really like to be able to do this as assigning the Distribution and Launch schedules to individual PCs would be a pain, as we plan to do this roll out over a few weeks and not all at once and it would be easier to just add a PC to a group.