We're having some issues trying to patch our new ZCM server to 10.2.2. The server is a 2008 SP2 box.

Within the system updates tab I clicked Check For Updates and 10.2.2 as well as the Jan PRU appeared. I selected the 2 updates and clicked to download them; I'm still waiting! For about 4-5 days it has sat at a status of downloading. I've tried deleting and re-checkig but as soon as the updates reappear, they change to a status of downloading again.

I tried the manual update option, deleting the 2 updates from System updates, and then using zman to update manually; this process finishes but doesn't appear to do anything and upon checking for updates again, the window refreshes and the 2 updates appear again with a status of downloading.

Looking at the file system on the server, there appears to be no evidence of files being downloaded.

I'm wondering if the updates are stuck somehow? Not sure where to go from here.

Thanks for any help.