We have been asked to investigate possible scenarios on recovering a failed Server if it was to go down at one of our sites. In the past I have gone to the site in question and fixed that Server or put a replacement Server in which can obviously take a few days depending on the location.

Someone outside of our company and experience working with Novell/NetWare has suggested having another Server onsite elsewhere as a backup and for this to come online and take over the failed Server's role if the original was to fail. I don't see how this can work having to configure the new Server to be the same as the old and the time it would take to remove the old one from the tree. Then if having to do the same thing again to get the original or replacement one working back on the original site.

Is there any other ideas that you do yourselves in your own companies to cover this scenario as I have been asked to provide a response? The best solution I can think of so far is to have another NetWare Server onsite (at every site) for redundancy so users can still login if one fails.

Any ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,