I have a home network setup and cannot access files on the other pc unless I put or copy them into the shared documents folder.
The setup is my Windows Xp computer is sorta in charge. The dsl runs into my Windows Xp computer from there I have a extra network card installed in Windows Xp computer and run it from there to a hub ( mainly because cord isn't long enough) but I can also add other pc's as necessary. Anyway the second pc is Windows Vista and does not seem to like being under Windows Xp. I figure Windows Vista has a few security features I need to configure in order to access all files. I tried right-clicking and going to properties on the files I wanted to share and clicked share but when I go to access the Vista files from my Xp computer it says Access is denied. But I can like I said put a file in the public share folder on the Vista Pc and I can access it then on the Xp pc. What can I do to fix this? On the other hand Windows Vista can access anything on my Xp computer that I share with no problem. Hmmm