I am running ZCM, version 10.2.2 on a 2008 STD server. I installed the adaptive agent from https://[server-name]/zenworks-setup/ on a workstation. When I look at the message log for said computer in the ZCC, I get the following error message:

Could not find a results file for remote management policy. Message: Could not find file 'C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\8b0f5c1b-1d92-4552-9292-5b3b8c7dbac4\-remote_management_policy-1437788Output.xml'.. Missing file: C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\8b0f5c1b-1d92-4552-9292-5b3b8c7dbac4\-remote_management_policy-1437788Output.xml.

Does anyone know what this means and what I need to do to correct the issue?