I realize this forum is volunteer run, and any responses given are based solely on the generosity of other individuals. I try and respond when I have time, but ZCM 10 has sucked all of that. I also realize Novell does not profit from this forum, and SR's generate revenue. All of this won't matter if people stop buying ZCM because of continued failures and bugs. You can't generate Support Revenue if people aren't buying your product.

I too get the remediate.exe error, and every patch I push out is a crapshoot. I've given up on flash updates since everytime I push it, DAU runs and it immediately un-installs.

ZCM Patch management absolutely sucks compared to Zenworks Patch Mgmt in every possible way. I want to see my patches roll out, I want better reporting, I also want to be able to track which patches I have scheduled without having to navigate through back doors. I would submit another enhancement request, but the one's I submitted four months ago are still "under consideration". I'm tired of flaming Novell for "submit a SR for our bugs". There MUST be a better conduit from the customer to Novell outside SR's for selling vaporware.

The only reason I migrated to ZCM was simplicity in administration. I was tired of having staff administer three separate systems. I figured this was a good way to consolidate and lighten our overhead. Novell will not get another SR from me. I will switch to other management software before I go though the painful process of pulling teeth to get an engineer to contact me.

It's a good thing I hate M$ so much, otherwise I would have switched years ago.