Groupwise 8.0.1hp1

Strangest thing - I have always used setup.cfg (since 6.5) and enabled autoupdate, successfully allowing clients to update their software, even though the POA always complains about not being able to access my SDD on startup. Now I cannot get my clients to automatically upgrade after putting on hp1.

After the upgrade to hp1, I changed the SDD the post office was looking at the hp1 folder I created. I also made sure that no folder in the path is longer than 8 characters. I restarted my POA after making the change and after replication to the domain completed. Same problem occurred and my users get a popup that says new software is available to them but they cannot access it. As supervisor at root of the tree, I was able to install the upgrade when prompted with no problem. So I verified rights of my users to the SDD. Yes they have full rights (except erase) to the new hp1 directory. So don't feel as if this could be rights at the user level. Finally, read a TID that said put my username and password in the remote box on the post office - so did that and restared the POA, same error.

I have gone over everything several times and I am not sure what else to do. For now, I pointed the PO to the 8.01 SDD so my users are not prompted. I have never had to do anything in the past but configure my setup.cfg file and copy it to win32, then make sure post office pointing to new SDD, and then change the bump or build number in console one, and voila! What am I missing?

Thanks for the help.