We do have a secondary domain (1 MTA, 1 Webaccess gw) in our
environment. Because it was gw7 domain in a GW8 environment a collegue
installed a new server with a new domain and a GW8 webaccess. After
getting it working he tried to delete the old one. Seems to be there got
something wrong. On deletion process he choosed to also delete according
files. What he didnt realized was that deletion of objects failed. He
also deleted the server from edir and after that my collegue realized
that there are still domain, mta and webaccess objects in console one.

So he tried deleting using this tid

Now the domain is an external one, but still not possible to delete.
As he contacted me I found the system in this state.

Deletion of MTA or Gateway objects doesnt work, you can see these jobs
in the queue, but nothing happens.

So now, I dont know how we can delete these objects?
Any help will be welcome.

Or do I have to open a support incident?