I am trying to get a better understanding of how I should be setting up my ZCM Primary servers with content replication.

I currently have 3 ZCM Primary servers (SLES11 64 bit ESX virtualized servers). I have one that I would like to dedicate solely to imaging. I was hoping to have the other 2 handle the load of the other fuctions such as application deployment, policies, etc... I am using the External Sybase OEM database running on it's own virtualized server with SLES11 32bit. I do not have any satellite servers as all of our schools are in close proximity of each other.

What is the recommended layout for replication in this type of environment? Should I be excluding certain roles to each of the other 2 ZCM primary servers or just have everything other than imaging replicating to both? All of my ZCM servers were setup with a root directory of 37GIG. Space is another concern that I have with these content-repo directories. Is it better to have the content included with the Virtual Machine's vmdk file or mount to a different volume not within the ZCM server itself?

I have about 1500 workstations/laptops in my environment that I will be managing. If anyone could respond and let me know what has worked and not worked for them, that would be extremely helpful.