I have a dilemma on my hands and was wondering if anyone had any advice/opinions on the matter.

Our largest PO, almost 1600 users, is filling up the disk on its server and needs to be updated/replaced. It is currently on SLES10 with ext3 file system. The total PO size is 1.12Tb. We want to give it ample space to grow (at least twice what it needs). But here's the situation....

1) I want to get away from ext3 because with that much data, the auto-fsck takes a LONG time. Because they are 24/7, 45+ minutes for a server reboot should be avoided at all costs. I know the auto-fsck can be turned off or the time adjusted but I'd like to avoid it as much as possible.

2) I understand that ext4 has a much faster auto-fsck. That said, it's also not listed as a supported FS in the documentation.

3) NSS, which doesn't do the auto-fsck, has a 2Tb limit on volumes/pools. I wanted to give this server a 3Tb partition on iSCSI, but, of course, can't.

So I was wondering if anyone had input on options here. Is anyone using ext4? Is there official ext4 support coming? Is it here but not documented?

Does anyone know if the 2Tb maximum will be raised in newer OES versions? With disk space very inexpensive now, this seems like a very low ceiling.

I also considered giving this department a second PO and moving half the users over, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.