Now, before anyone says "but Danita you always rave over your Macbook", let
me say that I am notoriously bad on keyboards and touchpads. I've had this
Macbook for 27 months, and my previous laptops were:

Gateway - I had MELTED the keyboard (I kid you not - at least that's what it
looked like) 13 months into owning it.

HP NXsomething (how quickly we forget) - I had worn the letters off of 10 of
the keys by 18 months, and had to have the touchpad replaced. My daughter
was actually glad that the motherboard blew on that laptop after about 4
years, because she always got my hand-me-downs, and as she's not quite the
touch typist that I am, having the letters all worn off of the keyboard
caused her considerable inconvenience. She was happy not to be offered my
old laptop that time

So, at 27 months, I will say that this baby is the best I've had thus far.
I have only worn the letters off of 3 keys, with another 3 showing wear, but
the letters are still visible!

Yesterday all of a sudden the cursor started bouncing around everywhere,
entire rows of text would disappear, and windows would start to move, as
though I was holding down the touchpad key while dragging. I was going to
make a screen movie of it today just to show the Mac Genius guy, but this
morning I unplugged the USB mouse (which works fine), and while the touchpad
would move the cursor around, neither tapping the touchpad nor clicking the
keys would actually do anything - so I think it's well and truly gone.

I'll have to use my daughter's new Windows 7 laptop for a few days I reckon.
If I can get an appointment to drop it off at the Apple Store by tomorrow,
my guess is it will be back in my hands by Monday/Tuesday.

Oh - and I must say that it's just amazing to me how much using a mouse
annoys me. I haven't had a desktop machine in two years now (this Macbook
is used as my primary machine, and I don't even use an external keyboard
very often) As a real keyboard person, dropping my hand down slightly to
click the touchpad is so much easier than picking my hand up to find the
mouse! Grrrrrr.

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