Sort of related to another post, but figured it needs its own discussion.

When creating a simple bundle that launches a URL, typically you'd go to Windows Bundle > Web Application. The problem with this is, it ends up creating a windows bundle without an install action, and only a launch action for the URL. The behavior of ZCM Agent is to download these applications every time they are launched, because the Install tab is blank. You will see the ZCM agent balloon saying "downloading files for X" every time. The ideal way (in my opinion) is to create a shortcut/web app using a Directive bundle with Launch URL action. No files get downloaded, etc when launching from the users workstation.

So, is there a reason to have "web application" listed under Windows Bundles? Seems to make more sense if an admin chooses Web Application, that it should create a Directive bundle. Not sure if theres a reason I'm missing for it to be where it is.