Weegie will be 4 years old in a few months. That's still "baby" in African
Grey years. It's just been amazing in the past few weeks to see the little
light go off in that tiny bird brain of his - just like a normal human three
year old really in many aspects, but then again totally different of course
in others.

A couple of days ago, when I let my car run out of gas (long stupid story),
I was in the kitchen talking to the girls and I said "I think my car ran out
of gas". Weegie just repeated right back "Car ran out of gas". I'm not
sure I had ever heard him repeat something brand new back so immediately.
In the past, he's really thought about it, practiced it under his breath,

Then today, the cat was annoying me and I just chided "GALAHAD". To which
Weegie replied "go away, you scat, leave me alone" - heeehee - it just shows
that he has heard "Galahad" in relation to all of those other phrases, and
he put it all together than the cat was annoying me, and needed to be told
what to do.

Not as fun as a human child of course, but definitely the best "non-human"
companion we've ever had.

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