I'm not sure what we're doing wrong exactly, but when installing a ZCM server into our existing tree we keep getting the following:

ERROR 05/02/2010 11:28:49 Unable to load certificate
ERROR 05/02/2010 11:28:49 Unable to export ssl certificates
ERROR 05/02/2010 11:28:59 Failed to create package.
ERROR 05/02/2010 11:28:47 /etc/opt/novell/zenworks/security/passphrase.txt (No such file or directory)
ERROR 05/02/2010 11:28:47 The issuer of the specified signed server certificate doesn't match the CA certificate subject.

We followed Novell's instructions for creating the der files and the above is what we're seeing at the end of the install. We are using an exteranl certificate. We were successful at creating this server once but we made an error with one partition size and had to recreate it.

This is ZCM 10.2 VM being installed on a SLES 64bit server. The only only OES2 options we have installed are what's needed for LUM.

Does anyone have any ideas what this means? We even tried recreating it as a completely different VM with a different server name.