I have just been told that a customer's NW 5.1 sp7 BM 3.5 file server has hard crashed. They tried to use another drive in the RAID 5 (no spares) The server restarted and stayed running for about 90 minutes before it crashed again. During that time it rebuilt the array however after 90 minutes it abended again almost 10 ten times, before they cycled the machine off. They removed the hard drive and are rebooting again, but I have not heard as of yet if things are working for them.

Is there a method to get the current BM setup off the server?

They have said that they have an Proliant ML 110 G2, 5 year old server, to replace it, would I need to make sure that Two (2) NIC's are available, also since it was 5.1 sp7 and 3.5 BM should I update the server to NW 6.5 SP8 and BM 3.9? Would I still be licensed to be able to do this? Thank you for any help that you can offer,