I am having issues with getting vpn enforcement to work correctly either wired or wireless through sslvpn. I can get vpn enforcement to work on a new Dell Latitude e6500, but not on earlier Latitude models. The area that fails is getting to the Internet after establishing a vpn session.

My current setting for my vpn zone is all closed with no exceptions. I have also tried using access control lists with all closed firewall default behavior to no avail. I have changed default behavior for the firewall in this location to stateful and can get Internet and everything to work as should. However, I know this is not the correct method/setting.

I have read through this forum thoroughly and have used the postings on 10/31/07, 1/29/09, and 7/28/09. I have also used the Administration Guide for ZESM(page 97) along with trying access control lists in the guide.

Is there something that I am just missing? I still am getting perplexed by the situation where I have the newer Dell laptop working and the older models not working with getting to the Internet using vpn enforcement.

I really think this is a firewall rule. However, wouldn't this policy cause across the board failure, described above, on no matter what device was being used?

I have ZESM version 3.5 ir8 with a SonicWall sslvpn session.

Thanks in advance for any replies.